Water Shortage and Drought

Animal agriculture accounts for more water usage than all humans in the state and WORLD combined. What can you do about it? Eat less meat and eat more fruits and veggies.

And what a lot of you don’t understand is that animals raised for meat consumption can be very sustainable- more than veggies and fruits at times. Cattle graze on lands not suitable for crop production (due to no rich soils or means of being able to water/ fertilize). Cattle are the garbage disposals (to some extent) of animals! The way their stomach and digestive tract is set up amazes me! They turn grasses/ plants not useable for human consumption into protein. They are even doing studies by feeding cattle seaweed, and they are getting their nutrition levels met and surpasses from that!

Why don’t we have a Ocean water purifiers already it’s 2018 they say the level of the ocean is raisin so why can’t we purify it and drink it.

The state is to blame, it is the state’s problem. The storage infrastructure has not been updated to support the increase in populations since the dams were built. Farmers can’t farm with continued cuts, they have already been fallowing land because they don’t have enough water to produce crops. Our problem stems from not only drought, but more people pulling from outdated storage methods. On wet years our reservoirs can handle it, but on sequential dry years it obviously cannot. What the “naturalist” groups don’t realize is that these reservoirs also supply year round water which allow for yearly salmon runs and water flushing throughout the delta. What California needs is more water storage.

The other issue is that farming may use water, but it supports much more than just food, many economic entities are tied to farming, labor, equipment, logistics, supermarkets, factories etc. Farmers have already seen cuts to water while other areas of the state continue to receive their allocations. This state is corrupt, and the only way to get certain”anti” people and groups to understand is for them to go hungry and not be able to wash their hands during their next bisit to the sink.