Town Drug Problem What Can Be Done?

Knowing this town has such a huge drug problem, someone like me could go to the ER right now and rather than running the proper tests to rule things out the minute they hear of my illness they will just give me a cocktail of Narcotics to numb the pain, dont get me wrong I believe we have some great doctors and nurses not all but we do have some, but the odds are I will just be numbed up and pushed out the door to make room for another patient. (I sometimes wonder how mamy people become addicts because alot of doctors push them into a corner).

I know someone who is so afraid to get addicted that she doesn’t take the meds prescribed and ends up in terrible pain. It makes her feel like people are looking at her thinking she is mentally ill. It’s been a long journey for her trying to get help, I know our healthcare is free and that’s a good thing but sometimes I wish our system was more like the states where your treated as a paying customer and get the service that demands.

Some narcotics work well for short term use if people take them as prescribed. If you take it upon yourself to up your dose you might spend the rest of your days chasing the high. They are never a solution for chronic pain though and unfortunately that’s where a lot of doctors push them. You become physically dependent and are trapped unless you deal with the sometimes excruciating withdrawals…. And heroin is cheaper than pills so once the addicts start running out of money that’s where they end up. It’s sad.

 Although I highly agree with you on much of your comment Ken I dont believe ALL doctors are, yes they get paid more for the medications however there are some doctors that show concern in over use and overly prescribed medications, its very touch and go and depends on the person who takes them as well and how often. But when we are talking long term use which people who suffer chronic pain use there is a horrible risk of severe addiction and also a severw risk that otger health problems get over looked. I can only speak for myself but I would bet you that if I went to the ER right now like I have contemplated for 4 days now I would be given these drugs and sent home because of one of my diagnosis however something could be terribly wrong and we may not know it till its to late