Smart Dog Knows To Get Harness

I don’t think it’s real I believe that dog is very smart and charming but don’t no dog understand English that well…there’s someone handing the dog the items around the corner and the dog brings it back to the owner making it look like the dog understands what he’s saying. I love how he gets his best dog harness.

Mine checks on her lead every time we go outside. Before we go outside. And she knows her toys by name. One is same toy ; different color. And she brings me the tv remote, keys, water bottle.. I have to keep away from my dooney purses. She brings my medicine bag. Was house trained in 3 days. Started bring my cane at 3 mo. Without us training her. She has trained her self.

it’s frustrating when bulldog breed owners have no consideration for their neighbors. should be the negligent human with a bad reputation. unfortunately it’s the breed that takes the blow.

It depends on the owner and how they raise them. my neighbor has one of these and Everytime I come home or leave, it won’t stop barking. I know not every pit is like hers, but it scared the hell out of me this morning. She brought it out this morning as I’m leaving for work, the damn thing wouldn’t stop growling and barking. The other day I came home with my son and there it was barking. We had to wait for her to go inside with it before we could enter. Frankly, I’m frustrated with them. She needs to control it.

If you watch your dog’s body language, you will be able to understand it. Ziggy IS a good dog! You can tell by his happy face when his master is asking him to get something. Like most dogs, he wants to help! Most haven’t been taught or aren’t smart enough to know how.