Really Sharp Knives

You do not use the steel every time, you do not sharpen your knife that often. Better buy one good knife and have a pro to sharpen it, because different knives for different purposes needs different angles. Wanna ruin your knife? Sharpen it yourself.

Good knifes sharpen by pros, only needs sharpen once every 4 year or so and will last a life time.

There is no actual Damascus unless you buy one for a 1,000 years ago. They haven’t been Able to remade like the original has. Close maybe like this one is awesome. But not a “ real Damascus. Unfortunately

Some of this is just overboard nonsense.Food does not need to graded in presentation it needs to taste good and be enough to feed the guy that’s paying the bill.

I bought a calphalon self sharpening knives, comes with 5 stones with rods and a “ladder” no muss no fuss, tells you what degree you need for what knife, rods in the stones, fit in the “ladder” very easy and comes with the honing oil. The clamp holds the knife so you don’t have to.

The huge majority of people can not use a steel properly. It causes high and low spot along the blade. Most can not hold the knife and steel at the proper angle. I’ll put the Chef’s Choice sharpener up against any steel person.

When I say you can shave with any blade in the kitchen no matter how big or small I mean just that. That’s how I check my blades. I run it along my furry arm and it better shave the hair off clean and without pressure. When I do all my kitchen knives I have a pretty good bald spot on my left arm. I have never met anyone that has owned a Chef’s Choice that didn’t like it or could not put a razor sharp edge on a knife. It’s like getting a good can opener.