Mouse Traps: The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

Mice infestation in the home can be frustrating. This is because apart from the destruction and mess they make, some species of the rodent are known vectors. Which invariably means they are capable of transmitting diseases to you and other members of your household. For these reasons, many homeowners take active steps to get rid of mice from their houses.

How to Get Rid of Mice

There are many ways through which you can get rid of mice especially as their infestation is becoming more prevalent by the day. Many individuals whose house are infested with mice prefer to go for a quick and really effective method of getting rid of the pests, which include poisoned baits or chemical-based pesticides. These methods may be effective, but you should note that they may be harmful to your health and that of other individuals in your home.

The poisoned bait method, for instance, may not be safe for individuals who keep pets or those who have kids. This is because the kids and pets may not know that it is poisoned thereby meddling with it which may be detrimental to their health. Chemical based fumigants, repellents, and pesticides, on the other hand, may be toxic thereby causing harm to your health or your environment. Imagine spraying such chemicals where you sleep or prepare your meals.

Trapping Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

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If you are not comfortable using poison and pesticides, then a mouse trap may be the way out. Although it does not offer a quick solution compared to other methods, it will work.

Benefits of Using Mouse Traps


Compared to other methods, mouse traps provide you with a humane way to get rid of the pests. Most mouse traps on the market today are designed to help you catch the pest alive. This gives you a chance to relocate them to a place where they will no longer infest your home or that of other individuals.


Since the use of mouse traps does not involve placing a poisoned bait in different places around your home or spraying any toxic chemicals, it is safe for use in the home even when you have kids and pets. Also, mouse traps do not pose any threat to your environment.


Compared to the use of poison or employing the services of exterminators, a mouse trap is a cheaper option. You can purchase a mouse trap for as low as $5. Also, most mouse traps are reusable, which further increases its value for money.

Easy Cleanup

After killing mice with traps or pesticides, you would have to clean up their remains or at least the one within your site. Those out of your site will remain hidden thereby allowing them to rot and stink in your home, but with mouse traps, the clean up is easy. All you have to do is take the mouse or its remains from the trap and dispose of it.

Ease of Use

Mouse traps are relatively easy to use and all you have to do is station them in areas where you have sighted the pests and wait for it to do the job.

Types of Mouse Traps

Snap Mouse Traps

This is the most common mouse trap among homeowners. It has been used for many years to get rid of mice both in and around the home. Although a few years back, snap traps were mostly made of metal, in recent times, there are plastic variants of this type of traps. They are designed with spring levers that help to capture a mouse the moment it goes over the bait. To make this trap even more effective in attracting mice, you would need to place baits on the trap.

Peanut butter, gumdrops, or other sweet food substances will work well as bait. Snap traps are easy to use and inexpensive. Also, they are reusable and it is easy to clean up after trapping the mice. However, snap traps may not keep the mice alive. Also, it may not be effective if you are suffering heavy infestation as it captures only one mice at a time.

Electric Mouse Traps

Another effective mouse trap is the electric ones. Unlike snap traps, this type of trap was invented recently. Also, they are relatively more expensive compared to the cost of other traps on the market. Electric mouse traps work by zapping mice with high voltage thereby killing them instantly. These traps are easy to use and they are reusable. Although it does not catch mice alive, it will provide them with a really quick death. For the best result, you will need to place baits on the trap to attract mice.

Electric mouse traps are designed to cater to your needs for years, which makes them worth their cost. They also have a high success rate. However, this type of mouse traps works slowly and to get rid of heavy mice infestation, you will need to purchase and station more than one at a time.

Live Mouse Traps

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This is a more humane mouse trap compared to others listed above. The live traps are designed to help you catch the critters alive and then release them afterward. This allows you to relocate the creatures without the need to harm them. They are cheap and reusable and you wouldn’t have to clean up the remains of dead mice with this trap. However, this type of trap requires you to monitor them on a regular basis for a successful catch.

More often than not, trapped mice may die of starvation leaving you with a stinking mess to clean. With live mice traps, you will have to deal with these creatures directly when transporting them to a different location, which may not be convenient for some individuals. Also, after relocating the mice, they may just return to infest your home all over again.

Glue Traps

A Glue mouse trap is another effective method to get rid of mice. This type of trap features sticks substance on a board that is aimed at holding mice when they step on it. For glue traps to be effective, you will need to place baits on it to attract the critters. Although this type of trap doesn’t kill the mice instantly, it will eventually die of hunger and starvation since you will have to throw the trap and the mice away after a successful catch.

The trap is cheap but not reusable. To get rid of a heavy infestation, you will need to purchase dozens of the trap. Also, mice can escape from some models of glue traps.

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