Best Baby Activity Center – Formula Nightmare

While I understand JUST how frustrating this must be for Australian parents, you need to understand that a few years ago, the plastic in best baby activity center being sold in China was actually making babies very ill, many resulting in death. Since then, the demand for Australian formula free of toxic chemicals has risen. It’s a sad situation all around as Chinese parents are terrified of using the formula being sold in their own country and for the Australian parents here who are missing out on purchasing formula for their own children,. I agree with many of the comments here who are questioning why the Chinese don’t purchase from the manufacturer themselves? It would probably be MUCH cheaper if purchased in bulk..

Baby Activity Center Vs Formula

Best Baby Activity Center

Can the company not just export directly to China ? Expand ? Perhaps a good business to get into. Alas I’d never sell Australian shelved formula for profits to China on the dodge. It’s crazy that anyone would do that in the first place. Even for $$. It looks like it’s caused a 5$ price jump in the formula itself to boot.

A2 is making profit, the government is making gain via tax, the vendors are making profit. Why can’t a2 company open up kiosk in hospitals or other locations for breastfeeding mum’s? Why can’t they produce more for export and local market?

Cut off their supply. And their milk and vitamins. They want it so bad, they can have the garbage they make and peddle in their own country. Might incentivise them to actually have standards and quality control.

We sympathise with China about their dilemma however we have a duty of care to our population first and foremost. Perhaps china should ask its ally bashar al Assad who should care about the Chinese to send them best activity centre since they are an allied force opposed to our way of life.

Easy fix you have to have kids in Australia they have to be of age that need it and can’t get more then 2 at a time if you can’t do this you can’t have it and or go to see a doctor to make sure you meet the requirements

It’s the free market at work, leave it alone! What should happen to fix the issue is for firms to expand their production so they can keep up with demand (Not sure why they haven’t already). The Chinese people exporting it, as in the case of the video, are still paying tax as they are an Australian business trading overseas meaning that they are still giving back some of what they earn to be used on services such as welfare.

China Wanting Healthy Non Chemical Formula

I can understand the people in China wanting healthy non chemical activity centre. However not at the expense of babies here not having what they need! Also, if these people are doing it to truly help, why are they selling at such a huge profitable difference?!

Why the company just don’t export it to China and produce more for here as well. Then the profit goes to Australians having more jobs at their factory and so on.

Use another brand then, I highly doubt any of you were raised on “A2 platinum” that stuff was made in the 2000’s and you didn’t die without it

So get the company to make more. Get the company to export it to china directly and cut out the middle man. Stop wasting time going after an enterprising person and go bash on the company’s door.

Keep on raising such issues while they keep on dodging the real stuff. Keep them all distracted… not enough uproar about the banks or the corporate tax dodgers.

Because of the MEDIA. They show the story about a student who made 70k a year about a year ago. Of course many people copy this business.